Stefan de Koning

partner and studio director MVRDV

Stefan de Koning is MVRDV architect and partner. After working for several artists and Opera  Interior Designers in The Netherlands, Stefan joined MVRDV in 2001. He was awarded on many  international competitions and pitches for MVRDV, including Gyre in Tokyo (2007), Future Towers  (Pune, 2008), Peruri 88 (Jakarta, 2012), and The China Comic and Animation Museum (Hangzhou,  2015). Since 2010, he has overseen projects in India and Indonesia, which led to his appointment  as director of one of the most prosperous Design Studios in MVRDV. Besides his work for MVRDV  Stefan tutors at TU Delft and lectures all around the world. In recent years he has lectured at the  Wats Forum in Bangkok, the Re-inventing Delhi Conference in India, and the Annual Vertical Cities conference in Dubai. Stefan is also a guest critic at UC Berkeley and the National University of Singapore.