Circular Design Specialis in 3XN, Copenhagen

Karolina Backman graduated from the University of Melbourne and completed her master's studies at TU Delft. Karolina is a specialist in Circularity and Carbon whilst in 3XN, also providing strategic advice to clients on ESG and broad sustainability targets. Karolina believes in an iterative design approach to ensure that measures for carbon reduction are considered throughout all design stages and utilising digital tools to analyse the impact of design considerations quickly. She uses knowledge in Reuse and considers all three vital parts of reducing carbon over building life cycles. She worked in GXN projects Mark Lane (UK), and Vikingaskeppsmuseet Roskilde (Denmark), and she was included in the CIRCuIT EU Project for Circular Regenerative Cities.

12:10 - 12:50

Saturday November 18, 2023

Lecture 03 - Karolina Backman, circular design specialis in 3XN, Copenhagen

hall 1