Official topic REUSE

Reuse is a term widely used in every sector of society. Irresponsible waste disposal in every form is harmful to one’s health, environment, and society. Construction and demolition waste accounts for approximately 25%–30% of all waste generated in the EU. Methods on how we can do to decrease this waste accumulation should be educated people.

Architecture is a field that has no future without sustainability because of the great influence it exerts through various fields of its application. Whether by preserving our past we can build our future?


Organizer:  Professional Chamber of Architects, Chamber of Engineers of Montenegro
Co-organizer: Faculty of Architecture in Podgorica, and Architectural association of  Montenegro. 

Partner: ICE/ITA Italian Trade Agency, Department of the Italian Embassy, The Capital City of Podgorica and the Ministry of Ecology, Spatial Planning and Urbanism, The capital Podgorica and the Ministry of Ecology, Spatial Planning and Urbanism

Executive board PCA: mr Novica Mitrović arch. Ivana Dobrković arch, Maja Đurović arch, Nikola  Radović arch, mr Tamara Marović arch, Slobodan Petrović arch, Milena Latković arch.

Organizational team

mr Novica Mitrovic

General Director, president of professional chamber of architects

Ivana Dobrkovic

Program Director, vice president of executive board of PCA

Maja Djurovic

Art Director, member of executive board PCA

Jakov Lopusina

Finance Director, president of assembly in professional chamber of architects

Nikola Radovic

Technical Director, president of architectural association of Montenegro

Tamara Marovic

Public relations director, member of executive board PCA

Slobodan Petrovic

Marketing director, member of executive board of PCA

Milena Latkovic

Events director, member of executive board of PCA

Svetlana Perovic

Education and research, dean of the Faculty of Architecture

dr Milica Vujoševic

International relations, delegate of the assembly PCA

Andrijana Pavicevic

Internal relations, vice president of the assembly PCA


Marko Stjepcevic


Viktorija Nikolic

Moderator - exibition

Milica Mitric

moderator - lectures

Lecturer and expert in the field of architecture
days of expert lectures, connections and inspiration
Panel discussion by renowned lecturers
conference participants from the world, the region and Montenegro

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